Welcome to Atlanta 

This past week has been quite the adventure – instead of settling back into my typical life after 2 weeks of travel, I moved to Atlanta for my summer internship. Beginning with a 4:30am roadtrip accompanied by my ever-so-kind father who spent 11 hours in the car with me, I left the only hometown I’ve ever known. As mentioned in a previous post, what makes this summer different is that it is my first summer away from home, marking the beginning of the end to my Easton life. Sure, I’ll still go back to Easton. But now my visits to the small, quaint, waterside town will be contained to holidays and the in-between moments of my life.

A meal cooked by yours truly

As for my move to Atlanta, it was quite seamless. However, this past week has proven to be the first truly adult-like week of my life. From waking up at 6:00am and going to bed by 10:00pm to advertising a Kroger rewards card on my keys, I am slowly but surely transitioning from college life to adult life. Coming from Vanderbilt, where all students are required to live on campus and in dorms for the first two years, I was not used to cooking dinner every night, driving in city traffic every morning, or living alone. Similarly, I’ve always just called maintenance when an intruder – albeit an army of ants – entered my dwelling place. Throughout the past week, I’ve been given a taste of what post-graduation life will look like. Luckily for me, my week of playing house has come to an end.

Baking cookies – because that’s what adults do, right?

This summer, I am interning in Atlanta for Sharecare, a healthcare engagement platform. I will be living with my Vanderbilt friend Erica and her family in their house in Marietta. This past week, they were on vacation, and so I had the entire house to myself. Although I enjoyed testing the waters of adult life, I’ve learned that I’m not someone who ever wants to live completely alone.

My Sharecare cubicle (complete with a HUGE full wall window view to my right!)

As for my internship, I absolutely love it. Sharecare is the umbrella company that features sharecare.com, doctoroz.com, The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz’s The Good Life magazine, and Daily Strength – an online support group platform for health-related topics. On sharecare.com, users are able to make a personalized health profile by taking the RealAge test – a 20-25 minute test that covers every aspect of your health from your physical to mental wellbeing. Sharecare was born in 2010 by Jeff Arnold, Dr. Oz, Oprah Winfrey, SONY Pictures Television, and Discovery Communications. You may know the CEO and founder, Jeff Arnold, as the former founder and CEO of WebMD and HowStuffWorks.com.

Day 1 at Sharecare

My specific role at Sharecare is a Corporate Partnership Intern. My primary assignment for the summer is to analyze the Sharecare website and identify a gap in the available content, then select a partner to invite to Sharecare and complete the entire process of onboarding a new organization. Although today is only my seventh day, I am absolutely enthralled with Sharecare. From the high company morale to my dedicated colleagues, I am truly living the ultimate startup experience (although Sharecare is hardly a startup anymore). The office breathes an entrepreneurial spirit and there’s no shortage of fun around every corner. Whether it be mocktails and video shoots at 9:00am or foosball games in the lobby, Sharecare is the perfect place to start my career in business. With 20 other interns by my side, I am excited to see what this summer brings . Stay tuned for more updates on how I am conquering the corporate world!

The Georgetown Cupcake in Buckhead (below my office) gives out a FREE cupcake every day! 



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