The Best of Instagram

Social media undeniably runs today’s world. The age of the sloppy, slightly sketchy MySpace is long gone as modern apps like Instagram, VSCO, and YouTube have taken over. People have created careers through their presence on these platforms, with some making into the millions each year. For them, it isn’t about showing their family and friends what they’re up to – it’s about inspiring a generation of people. Blogs are the new newspapers columns, we’re the new critics, and little red hearts are the new ratings. And my favorite app of all? Well, of course, it’s Instagram. Instagram is a way to document the best moments of life in an organized, chronological fashion. What’s even better than arranging your own highlight reel? Browsing those of others. Here, I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite Instagram accounts. From fabulous fashion bloggers to quirky furry friends, I promise that each of these accounts are worth the follow.

 #1 Fashion: @juliahengel

Gal Meets Glam: She’s the essence of style and grace and has an adorable photographer husband to accompany her. Can I say Instagram Husband or what?

Whether she’s clad in Chanel or sporting it in Old Navy, Julia Engel is the It girl when it comes to fashion bloggers on Instagram. She transforms everyday clothing into a work of art and makes it easy for followers to find her featured pieces. Julia pairs designer delicacies with affordable everyday clothing, acting as a partly realistic fashion icon for the average girl. My favorite part about her is that she started her blog,, in college and after working for a few years decided to focus completely on her passion. She now makes a few million dollars per year doing what she loves most – inspiring others through fashion. Oh yeah, and she’s gorgeous (not to mention the beautiful locations of her escapades).

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.50.31 PM

#1 Life & Style: @amberfillerup

 Barefoot Blonde: Her Upper East Side lifestyle, beautiful husband and babies, fabulous wardrobe, and flawless hair make her the picture perfect Instagram dream.

Another Instagram queen who makes a few million per year posting photos and writing about her life, Amber Fillerup is like a celebrity without actually being famous. She wears head-to-toe designer clothing and dresses her tiny children in the same. Her vacations are from Paris to Hawaii and everywhere in between. There’s nothing like a photo of a baby in a mermaid outfit to put a smile on my face during a particularly stressful week of school. Her Barbie-esque life isn’t quite what I’m aiming for, but her clothes, hair, and travel destinations add a splash of color to my Instagram feed and offer inspiration to go on an adventure.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.51.15 PM

#1 Food: @foodintheair

“Do you like food? Do you like air?”

This is pretty cliché, but food in the air offers the highest quality foodstagrams of all time. It’s practically every food instagrammer’s dream to be featured on this trademarked page. From gourmet waffles in Copenhagen to Dunkin’ Donuts in Hawaii, food in the air features the most appetizing treats with the most exquisite backgrounds. Next time you Instagram your ice cream cone, be sure to tag @foodintheair and cross your fingers that your mouthwatering cuisine will be featured on the world’s most coveted Instagram food page.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.52.14 PM

#1 Pet: @itsdougthepug

If you haven’t heard of him yet, you’re doing something wrong.

I may be biased due to my questionably unhealthy obsession with pugs, and the fact that Doug lives in Nashville, but Doug the Pug is the ultimate petstagram. He lives life with a little bit of sass and a lot of poise. Although he hasn’t quite mastered the selfie game (as you can see his double chin is slightly too apparent), he’s truly gotten the hang of how to be both glamorous and humorous.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.51.29 PM

#1 Inspirational: @etst (Kelle Hampton)

Enjoying the Small Things: finding a way to love life’s littlest moments. Both a fabulous writer and photographer, Kelle Hampton knows how to make you feel all the feels.

I first heard about Kelle during my junior year of high school when I stumbled across her book, Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected. Kelle’s adventurous life story began when her second child, Nella, was unexpectedly born with Down Syndrome. Through raising Nella, Kelle has been able to see that there’s so much more to happiness than having a “white picket fence” kind of life. Her dedication to ensuring that her daughter receives the bright future that she deserves is enough to inspire anyone.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.51.48 PM 

Instagram is basically a digital photo album, and just like photos not all Instagrams are created equal. But before you go comparing your own lousy account to these masterpieces of social media, remember that they’re getting paid and you’re not. Instagram is supposed to be fun – not a place to compete and compare yourself to others. Find the accounts that make you feel inspired, or even that just make you smile. Stop worrying so much about how many likes you receive or how many followers you have, and start using Instagram as a place to share your own life’s adventures with the world. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll make it onto this oh-so-special list in the future.

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