The Group Text


I’m not sure when it began. Sophomore year, maybe? Or was it Junior. To be honest, it doesn’t even matter. What matters is that it started. And once it started, it never ended.

The Group Text.

At some point during high school, The Group Text developed. I think it began with a little thing we called SWAT: single women alone together. A single girls’ adaptation of the “single parents alone together (SPAT)” club mentioned in About a Boy. We were sophomores and thought it would be funny for a day. Turns out, it lasted a few years. Even after we all got boyfriends, SWAT lived on. We then added a member or two and so The Group Text began.

Jordan. Katie. Lauren. Lindsey. McKenna. Sydney.

It’s been a year and a half since we all went our separate ways for college (well, they’re all actually in North and South Carolina for college, so I guess I’m the only one “separate”). However, college hasn’t changed our friendship. Although The Group Text is used less often than before, it is still a staple in all of our lives. We’re each other’s best friends and it’ll be that way for a long time, if not forever. We’ve gotten to the point where we’d rather hangout with each other than go to a party. We look forward to seeing each other when we come home, and we visit each other at school. Two of us (Lauren and McKenna) even live together at college.

But things have changed. We’re home for 3 weeks, and today – appropriately a Tuesday – is the only day during the entire break that we are all available. Whether it’s trips to visit new college friends, boyfriends visiting, or winter vacations to warm weather, we all have plans throughout this break that don’t involve each other. It’s funny how we all have different lives now. At one point, we were each other’s lives.

Being a sophomore and coming home from college is different than being a freshman. You’re used to being away, and you don’t miss home as much. You love your friends, but now you have new ones who live across the country. You’re bored.

The Group Text is no longer what it used to be. I don’t look at my phone and see hundreds of messages. I rarely see someone tell us about a new boy or an exciting day. But our friendship is as close as ever. We’ve learned that we don’t need to be in constant communication in order to prove our friendship. They’re still my best friends in the world, so what’s my point in talking about this?

Well, there is one reality that is starting to settle in. If we can only find one day during 3 weeks to see each other, when will our next little gathering be? We’re all planning on being in different places this summer, and then some of us are going abroad in the fall. We won’t have summer break or even Thanksgiving to meet up. Could it be another year until I see them all together again? Probably. Will it be okay? Definitely.

I’ve known the girls in The Group Text for the majority of my life. We’ve been best friends since high school – and some of them since I was much much younger (think 2 and 4 years old). A year apart isn’t enough to change that kind of friendship. And whenever it feels like too long, we’ll always have The Group Text to fall back on.





One thought on “The Group Text

  1. shefrolicsinfire says:

    I love this because at last someone understands! I’m a freshman in college & my friends back home have had a group text going between the five of us since the summer of junior year! Instead of actual words though its just funny internet memes for the most part.


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