5 things to do before summer ends

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Here we are again. August. If months were days of the week, August would be the Sunday of summer. August is bittersweet because summer is not yet over, however the school year lingers quite close. It is similar to Sunday in that we are able to relax but we still anticipate the busyness of tomorrow.

As I prepare to leave for Vanderbilt in less than three weeks, I look forward to returning to the comfort of school. I’ll be living in a new dorm with new people, but much of my Vanderbilt world will remain the same. Going back to college will not be as much of an adventure as simply a plane ride back home.

With just three short weeks left, and even less for many more, I hope to take advantage of my final days in Easton. With that, here is what I think the top 5 things you should do before returning to school are.

1. Read a good book: When school starts, recreational reading ends. It is not realistic to think that you’ll have the time (or effort) to read for fun when you have over 200 pages of reading due each week. Even if you do not usually love to read, find a book that interests you and go spend time in your favorite room in your house or in the best park in your town and enjoy relaxing. (My Top 3 Summer 2015 Favorites: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty, and The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins)

2. Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant: Just like there is nothing like a home cooked meal, there is no place as great as your favorite restaurant. As a college student who does not love to waste money on food (since it’s free at home), I still think going to your favorite restaurant is a must before you leave. Think of it more as paying for an experience than food, and bring a few friends along to make it even better! (Bonus points: Try a new one in town! The restaurant business can be tough, and who knows if it’ll still be there when you come back).

3. Shop: With all of that summer job money saved up, treat yourself to a shopping spree. During the school year you will have absolutely no cash flowing in (except maybe from your parents), so take advantage of your extra money now. End of summer sales are always fabulous in August, making you feel even better about buying those awesome Steve Madden wedges. (Caution: Don’t spend all of your money. You don’t want to call your parents halfway through September and attempt to explain how the $3000 you made this summer has mysteriously evaporated).

4. DO SOMETHING: Obviously everything on this list involves doing something, but actually go out and experience one last summer adventure. Either head to the beach, go to a concert, or just spend the day on the boat or exploring a nearby city. Whatever it is, don’t let the last few weeks of summer be spent dreaming about the previous three months. End summer with a bang, and you’ll leave home with nothing but a positive attitude and a readiness to continue the fun at school.

5. Print photos: Finally, what’s a summer filled with adventure without snapshots to remember it? Before heading back to school, be sure to print out pictures for your walls so that you can reminisce your fabulous summer while studying for midterms in your teeny tiny dorm room.

Well, I better get going on this list myself. Just two more Tuesdays of summer posts, and then I’ll be back at Vanderbilt!



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