God morgen!


Hi! Sorry this is a day late, but by the time I got Wifi yesterday, it was too late to post. So here’s the post intended for yesterday:

God morgen from Oslo, Norway! After 24 hours of travel, all I really want to do is shower. Over the past day, I’ve said goodbye to my Vanderbilt friend, Erica, at the Baltimore-Washington International airport, survived a 9 hour layover in New Jersey (thank God for sorority sisters who live all over the country), and experienced my very first international flight alone. Oh, and it might be worth mentioning my reunion with Knut after three months…

Thanks to Vanderbilt, 6 hours of my 9 hour layover in Newark were spent hanging out with my field hockey teammate/ TriDelt sister, Jenny. I was able to experience the quaint town of Westfield, New Jersey and tire myself out before my long flight. Instead of torturing myself in an airport for 9 hours, I made something of my layover. As a new traveler, I really recommend doing something during your layovers.


Then there was the flight. For someone who has never been to Europe before, an 8 hour flight seemed VERY intimidating. I have three things to thank for my survival during such an agonizing experience:

1. Free movies. There’s nothing like mindlessly watching films to make 8 hours pass.

2. Liane Moriarty. Your book(s) rock. (Just finished What Alice Forgot and The Husband’s Secret, now onto Big Little Lies).

3. My pillow pet. Although I slept for about 2 hours during the entire overnight flight, my pillow saved me from the torturing discomfort that airplane pillows are.

Traveling is never easy, and it’s especially not when you’re alone and going international. However, I managed to make both of my flights without any trouble. Despite the minor hiccups including getting lost in the Oslo airport and failing to recognize the exit sign, I made it to Knut by 10:30am Norway time (4:30am Eastern time).

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Maybe it’s hearing a different language all around me or perhaps it’s searching for the English print on every sign, but being in a new country really puts my world into perspective. Despite what we all think, there’s a huge world outside of the USA. I can’t wait to experience Knut’s world this week!

Anyway, I should go. Stay tuned for updates (probably before Tuesday)!

But first, I really need a shower.

Here's a sneak peek of our evening in Oslo!

Here’s a sneak peek of our evening in Oslo!



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